BvV #1.30


FOTO: Onze dochter en haar man zijn in augustus verhuisd naar een dorp in Groningen. In het dichtbij gelegen Eenrum maakte ik deze foto die past in mijn serie ‘Ruit Reflekties’. [zie ook BvV # 020]
Er zijn drie lichtvlekken en vier ruiten.

MUZIEK: Hun huis staat aan de rand van een bos. Bij de melodie ‘In My Cottage Near The Wood’ moest ik direct aan dat huis denken. De melodie is gecomponeerd door Jean Théodore Latour (1766 – 1837) een Franse pianist die werkte voor de Prince Regent, de latere Koning George IV van Engeland.
De titel geeft al snel verwarring met het kinderliedje: In a cabin in a wood. Onze melodie heeft volgens Traditional Tune Archive [] nog een hele reeks alternatieve titels, o.a.: Charles of Sweden, Cheat or Swing, Glorious First of August, The Tenth of June, Twenty-First of August, The Weavers’ March.
De tekst is een imitatie van een Frans gedicht geschreven door Miss Calcraft.
Miss Calcraft was de dochter van John Calcraft, en had een relatie met Lord /Marquess of Worcester, de 7e Duke of Beaufort.


  1. In my cottage near the wood
    Health and Laura still combine
    Me to bless with ev’ry good
    That can render life divine
    Laura! O my charmer fair
    Time shall ne’er my love impair
    Still the joys of life we’d prove
    Blest with liberty and love.
  2. I the Laurel wreath disdain
    And the myrtle crown will wear
    I’ll the smiles of Laura gain
    Both defying grief and care
    Naught my quiet shall molest
    While of Laura I’m possessed
    Still the joys of life I’ll prove
    Blest with liberty and love.

PHOTO Our daughter and her husband recently moved
house to come and live in a small village in the province of Groningen.
I took this photo in the nearby village Eenrum. It fits nicely into my series of photos called ‘Window Pane Reflections’ (see also BvV #020). You can see three square spots of light from four panes of glass.

Their house is situated at the edge of a small wood. When I listen to the tune ‘In My Cottage Near The Wood’ it makes me think of their new house.
The title however can be confused with the children’s song ‘In a cabin in a Wood’. According to the Traditional Tune Archive ( our tune has a whole series of alternative titles, for example; Charles of Sweden, Cheat or Swing, Glorious First of August, The Weaver’s March and so on. The text is an imitation of a French poem written by a Miss Calcraft, who was the daughter of John Calcraft. She is known to have had a ‘relationship’ with Henry Somerset, the 7th Duke of Beaufort (1792 – 1853), more than this I cannot say.